Put a number in my ask box! Weight gain Asks~!

  • 1: How much weight do you generally like a character to gain?
  • 2: Tummy play! What's your favorite thing to do with a tummy?
  • 3: Do you enjoy belly rubs? (Giving or receiving?)
  • 4: Do you enjoy being a feedee or a feeder?
  • 5: Instant gaining?
  • 6: How do you feel about immobility?
  • 7: Boy bellies or girl bellies?
  • 8: Do you like food addiction?
  • 9: Conscious or unconscious gaining?
  • 10: Do you like the idea of secret fattening?
  • 11: Rapid gaining?
  • 12: Tiny stuffed bellies or huge stuffed bellies?
  • 13: How would you celebrate gaining 10 pounds?
  • 14: Do you have a favorite character you like to see fat or stuffed?
  • 15: Force feeding?
  • Oh my God #fatlock people let's all do this!


"Just wondered if anyone knows this fic, where Mycroft keeps sending Sherlock food to feed him up, and keeps a check on him by CCTV in his apartment. It is a bit sad, but Mycroft wants to look after Sherlock after John leaves and does it in a dark way. I can’t remember where I saw it."


Yes, I actually do know that fic! I believe it was written by my darling fatlockandfeeding, but I don’t have the exact link for you. You can bug her, or you might be able to find it on the Fic List? Check the most popular posts in the “Fatlock” tag. :)

PS— If anyone could round this up for this anon, that would be fantastic! Please and thanks. <3

Is this it? I don’t seem to have it in the fic list! Haven’t updated that in months, tbh. Clearly, i missed a few things :p

i might start using this as a general blog for drawing chubkink because i have felt like drawin shit for other fandoms recently so uh that might be a thing

i’ve been kinda quiet recently and that usually means im slowly getting out of one fandom and/or getting into another (that is a common occurance for me tbh) but it’d be tedious to make a new kink blog every time i change fandoms